Whats is the website about?

Fairy Tale Gourmet is the innovative, multi-sensory website of storytelling to become a mobile game app.
You are all invited to indulge yourselves in our exciting and unique concept. We are creating a never-ending story about classic fairy tales and chocolate gourmet to experience by tasting real food items created by your favourite characters.

When the mobile game will be launched?

Our mobile game is currently under development but in the meantime you are welcome to collect our Game Cards available for limited time in our online shop. Each card will grant you exclusive Chocolate Gift Rewards for you to indulge with and digital currency and items to be used in the future in our game.

What are the game cards?

While we develop the game, we created collectible Game Cards that grant you Chocolates Gifts Rewards and in-game digital currency and itemms. Available for limited time, each card represents a character or chapters from our upcoming game. By collecting these Game Cards you are loading valuable resources before the game is released.

What are Gold Coins , Crystal Clocks and Fairy Godmother Wish in the cards?

They are the digital currency for our Fairy Tale Gourmet game. Collecting those items will grant you special benefits in-game. Depending on the quantity of Gold Coins you have collected, you will receive special prizes from Fairy Tale Gourmet website soon.

How soon I can get the chocolate items marked in the cards?

All the Chocolate Gift Rewards are individually handmade by our partner manufacturer Story Gourmet on our behalf. Due to their current limited production, you can receive the chocolate rewards in up to 30 days. We will make this process faster, but for now this is the best we can do.

Who makes your products?

Fairy Tale Gourmet has a promising partnership with a new brand of fine chocolates and desserts called Story Gourmet, formed by a talented team of chocolate artisans. They are carefully producing our food range with the highest standards on our behalf. Fairy Tale Gourmet is not a manufacturer but an exclusive online website of multi-sensory storytelling.

Can I buy large amounts of your chocolates? (for a wedding, birthday etc..)

Yes, whenever you wish. However you should contact our representative Story Gourmet, where our treats have been produced. They will be more than happy to attend your wishes.

When is the next instalment of your fairy tale?

When the Queen demands it, of course! There is another one coming soon, I heard rumours in the palace last night!