Hello realm Seeker! If you find yourself reading this, I believe you have some questions? The wizard of Oz has made it possible to 'Contact Us'. Such a magical man! Much Love, Queen of Hearts

Can I download your fairytale story?

Yes! Of course my dear, we're just sorting that out.

How soon can I get my products?

We hand make your desires and send it to you as quickly as possible. We seem to have a lot of demand but we can get your wish to you in Just 5 days! The Queen has ordered many soldiers from a far land to come as quickly as possible so that we can can get your desires to you the next day.

Can you produce large amounts of magical treats? (for a wedding, birthday etc..)

Yes, whenever you wish. Just contact us directly with what you seek, we will be very happy to help your dreams come true.

When is the next instalment of your fairytale?

When the Queen demands it, ofcourse! But, dont you worry! There is another one coming soon, I heard rumours in the palace last night!

How easy is it to order the Queens Chocolates?

As easy as pie! Go on to the product page.

What is the website about?, Fairytales?, Chocolate?, Creativity?, Characters?, shopping?, stories?, art? What>?

Yes, thats right Dear!