Goldilocks Chocolate Bears

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As the story goes, Three Bears returned home to find Goldilocks sleeping in their bed. The naughty girl had eaten their porridge and broken one of their chairs. Luckily for her, she escaped as soon as the bears walked into the house.

She had caused the bears a lot of hassle and decided to make up for it. She created three miniature bears handcrafted in premium chocolate and filled with scrumptious bits. She then sent them to the Three Bears in beautiful decorated gift tins.

Each chocolate bear is carefully handmade in Belgian chocolate and handpainted in edible Gold, available in the following flavours:

a) 70% cocoa dark chocolate with marzipan
b) 40% cocoa milk chocolate with honeycomb
c) 35% white chocolate with juicy raisins

Net weight: 75g

Allergens: milk, soya, may contains nuts. Suitable for vegetarians. Please contact us for complete nutritional information.