Snow White 'Filled Chocolate Apple Special Edition'

£29.95 Coming Soon

Due to the success of their filled chocolate apples, Snow White & the Envious Queen releaved a magical version of their creations, all hand-painted in edible shimmering red - made from rubies collected by the Seven Dwarfs.

But her halloween trick the envious queen had another idea.........A very special edition! Something much more interesting than rubies.

Would you dare try it?

You can choose your favorite filling, a creamy vanilla marshmallow (Princess Snow) or Himalayan salted caramel (Envious Queen)

Lovingly handmade in premium Belgian chocolate in 70% cocoa dark chocolate, 40% cocoa milk and white chocolate.

Each life sized apple comes carefully in a gorgeous gift tin.

A unique and memorable chocolate gift to make anyone falling under a delicious spell!

Net weight: 120 - 160g

Allergens: milk, soya, may contains nuts. Suitable for vegetarians. Please contact us for complete nutritional information.